Femme2012 is all about feminine power and the unshaken strength of women all over the world. Women are always thought of being weak, but the truth is their heart and soul is stronger than men. They are the wings behind every man and men cannot live without a woman. Traits of women can never be paralleled with men on how loving they are, caring, nurturing, loyal, patient, calm and more.

Femme2012 treasures the importance of women in society and how they contribute to the success of every nation. A family cannot be united without a woman who takes care of everything under the roof of their home. The decision she makes in every step of the way successfully inclines a household.

Women nowadays are capable of doing what a man can, they are able to withstand any oppression and aggression thrown against them. Strong-willed and intelligent in every way. Equality for men and women should be a preference for all.

Femme2012 upholds the right of women to be recognized all over the world. It is just a melancholy scene to watch that in some parts of the world women are mistreated with inequality and unjust treatment.  We are here to give stories and support to all women out there that believes in gender equality throughout the world.