Registration Committee

Co-Chair: Joanna Winchester

Lizzie Hessmiller – Lizzie Hessmiller lives in Philadelphia with her paramour Rachel and their two cats Pepper and Riley. She has a license of Geography from the Sorbonne University in Paris and is currently getting her masters in City Planning and Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania. Her true passion, however, is making crepes and singing show tunes (often at the same time). She is very excited about registering all you strong, beautiful femmes in the lovely city of Baltimore this summer.



Gina F Kathleen – gina f. kathleen is a greasy, glittery femme living in brooklyn, ny. they are excited about sea creatures, vegan baked goods and their marching band and are so very inspired by powerful femmes everywhere.






Anna Salem – Anna Salem is queer feminist Jew and enthusiastic newcomer to the Femme Conference.  She is paid to work at a community center with Catholic schoolboys and fights white/male/class privilege free of charge.  Her most recent projects include starting a partners-of-trans-folks group and veganizing as many chocolate and peanut butter recipes as she can find.  She is passionate about fat-positivity, comprehensive sex education, fighting stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS, anti-racist work, and radicalizing the political vision of queer communities.  She is consistently inspired and rejuvenated by the words of Dorothy Allison.


Ella Quincy – Ella Quincy is a Gender-Fucking cis-female, femme with a BA in Psychology and a job helping run an awesome Queer Porn Company in her semi-home town, Oakland, CA. When not helping make queer porn history, she can be found hamming it up as a sequin-covered drag king or burlesque performer, waiting tables like any good recent college grad, or chatting up some other hot queers that she may or may not be trying to hit on. She is committed to self care, sex-positivity and challenging traditional norms of femme identity. She is especially into the importance of expananding femme community to include femmes of many genders, and discussing the broad spectrums of femme identities we as a collective make up. This is her first year as a Femme Collective committee member and her second Femme Con attendance. She can’t wait to have fun with all you fierce and sweet queers, especially those who can show her a bit of what Baltimore has to offer.
Rebekah Mason – My name is Rebekah Mason and I reside in the chaos known as Los Angeles. Echo Park to be exact, and I love every crevice of it and it’s fellow neighborhood Silverlake. I’m the single queer mother of a six year old boy, work at Warner Bros in the marketing dept, sidelance as a massage therapist and reiki practitioner, as well as being the co-organizer of a lesbian meetup group in LA.
I’m a vegetarian, feminist, yoga-lovin, nature-lovin, goddess-envokin, femme womyn who loves to be a part of building community.
It’s important for us all to feel supported and loved for who we are, however we identify. Blessings!


Myriah Myers – Hi! My name is Myriah Myers and I’m a Junior at Macalester College. I’m studying Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies here in Saint Paul and I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of FemmeCon 2012. I’m an all around queer, feminist, pro-POC, sex positive, body positive chick that digs Minneapolis rap. I started embracing my Femme Identity not too long ago, when I began to really scrutinize and develop my identity as a woman, and I’m very excited to be a part of this movement.


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