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Allison Stelly (Cherry Poppins) – Allison (Cherry) is a white working class, sweet-as-pie-but-tough-as-nails art-maker, activist, organizer, occasional writer, and eternal performer, originally from the trailer parks of rural Louisiana, currently living in San Francisco (and loving it). When she’s not working with the ferocious femmes of the Femme Conference, she’s helping to organize the grassroots fundraising team for the Catalyst Project, figuring out how to incorporate social justice themes while taking her clothes off onstage, hot gluing sequins on everything, working that nonprofit day job, painting epic portraits of her friends, playing her ukulele, and working to dismantle that white supremacist heteronormative patriarchal capitalist bullshit.
Photo by Carey Lynne, Photographer-in-Training at Shameless Photography

Jade Fair is a student, a writer, a witch, and a troublemaker.  She writes in the name of her ancestors, embodiment, reclamation, and the things that sit on her chest and burn in her lungs until she can’t sleep at night. She focuses her social justice work on police abolition, sexual assault survivor advocacy, and youth-of-color empowerment.  Serving up hot plates of sass, big messy piles of love and queer Black nerd realness, she is is honored to join the Femme Conference organizing committee.





Fiere Rousse is a stone femme, born-as-trailer trash queer grrl from a river valley in Northern Idaho.  By day, she is a capital defense laywer, working with individuals on death row throughout the Midwest and the South, and by night, she is prison and death penalty abolition activist and writer.  Fiere Rousse has worked with Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition and was a member of the Massachusetts LGBTQ bar association’s Committee for Transgender Inclusion.  She also collaborated with AIDS Action Committee, TransCEND of Cambridge Cares About AIDS, MTPC, and later Healthcare for the Homeless to establish a legal clinic serving low-income transgender folks in the greater Boston area, and she was part of the first group of legal advocates to launch the project.  Fiere Rousse had the opportunity to serve on the Coalition to Raise the Minimum Standards at New York City Jails for a summer and has participated in several anti-racism trainings by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond.

Cyree Johnson – Cyree Jarelle is a writer, public speaker, and Jersey femme. She currently works on the sexual and domestic violence prevention team at Prevention Institute in Oakland, CA. Her work has been featured in Kush Magazine and Pink and Black Attack among other publications.







Rachel Devitt is a writer and editor who writes and edits about music and pop culture, primarily in the digital media world. She’s also a white femme who lives in Chicago now, but was raised in a very isolated farming town of 3000 in the middle of Illinois (60 miles from the interstate, one stoplight, we weren’t allowed to dance. Just kidding. Sort of) and has come to strongly re-identify with her rural roots. In another life, she was also an academic who wrote a doctoral thesis on femme gender performance and music in drag. After years of being an avid Femme Con attendee, she’s excited and honored to dig into the nuts and bolts of planning this fabulous shindig.


Amanda Harris is an activist-artist-queer-southern-poly-feminist-frequently in one helluva pair of cowboy boots-femme. she hails from arkansas and loves all things southern, fried, and fringed. amanda’s femme organizing history includes a role as madame of country glam with femme family nyc, serving on the performance committee for 2010 femmecon, co-facilitating a workshop on polyfemmory at the last conference, and performing in the femme-centric troupes the baconettes and GLITTERACTION! amanda is passionate about the intersection of arts and activism, burlesque, rural queer organizing, photography, harm reduction, femme herstory and mentorship, and her ever-expanding heel collection.


Julia Eden Ris is a queer thick queer high femme of mixed Spanish/Gypsy/Irish ancestry. Originally from the Boston, Julia loves to combine East Coast realness with Bay Area femme-inspired sass. She is a mixed media artist, cultural and youth worker fueled by the fierce resiliency of young people. Currently, Julia is spending her time learning about the healing justice movement, getting excited about her latest high heels, drawing inspiration from her roots, building femme sisterhood, listening to lots of dancehall music, investing in community and personal health, and embracing change.



Sara Eisenberg is an artist, gender performer, teacher, and kinkster from Baltimore.


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