Media Committee

Contact media by email: press [at] femme2012 [dot] com or femmecollectiemedia [at] gmail [dot] com. Press releases and images can be found here.

Aries Hines [co-chair] is a mermaid living in the ocean with starfish and glitter. When not in the water she is a writer and filmmaker whose first language is poetry. By day she can be found teaching as a California Poets in the Schools instructor. By night she can be found somewhere near the moon and stars smiling. In between water and land her writings and performances have been  published widely for the San Francisco Queer Arts Festival, Queer Girl Theatre Project, The Journal of Lesbian Studies, The Q Review, Colorlines Magazine, The Truth About the Fact and many more. She loves exploring gender, sexuality, identity politics, race, and love.

Damien Luxe [co-chair] is a Brooklyn-based queer femme liberationist artist, lifelong writer, multi-media producer, community organizer and media justice activist who has been performing theatre and music at cabarets, festivals and literary events all over the continent since 2003 and producing digital communications for artists and activists since 2005. For the Femme Conference, Damien leverages her seven years of digital production, press/promotions, and communications experience as a Co-Chair of the Media team. As a proud queer lady in technology, she works with or donates time as the tech-end of many projects, including those that work for sex workers’ rights, to end white supremacy, queer arts collectives, anti-violence nonprofits, transformative justice groups, and of course several femme/gender justice-focused community projects. D’Luxe is a performance artist whose work blurs lines between science and spirit, and her recent pieces include Femmes Fight Back, the Hot Pink Mass, and Homorobics. She is the co-producer of the annual Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow, a queer and working-class-led feminine-spectrum performance art tour. She’s produced three CDs, and her videos have shown internationally.  Lastly, Damien is a graduate student at the CUNY Graduate Center, working towards a Master’s [Mistresses?] degree in American Studies, focusing on digital, political artists. Her art site & blog are, her tech blog is, contact her if anything seems awry with this site!

Meredith Fenton - Meredith (and alter-ego Starr 69) is an Oakland based femme, performer, activist, and glitter-lover who is excited to be a part of her fourth Femme Conference. Passions include using queer performance to promote social justice, organizing with other anti-Zionist Jews and anti-racist folks, and bringing sparkles and jazz hands into movement work.  By day, Meredith is the Director of Communication Strategies for the Ella Baker Center Human Rights. Additionally, she is an avid reader, aspiring foodie, Muppet lover, and a fierce Boggle player.


Lena Brooks is a writer, editor, and activist femme who thinks a lot about witches, beehive hair, and gender. You can find her in Oakland, working on her first book and reading too many things.


Meghan Flynn is a queer femme from the rural midwest.  Hailing from the snowy climates of Wisconsin she warms the hearts and beds of Austin queers and fights the good fight as an urban planner (in progress) and advocate for low-income housing. A queer femme optimist with deep Catholic and rural roots, Meghan believes in transparency, laughter, and the power of telling our stories. She is your girl if you need a rowdy lipstick, the logo for femmecon 2012, or a lesson in apples pies from scratch. Just don’t trust her with your keys.


Ismoon Maria Hunter-Morton - Ismoon Maria is a librarian, community organizer, and queer femme in Portland OR.  She is a scholar of LGBTQ history and radical library service, attaining her MA History / MLIS in 2005.

She works as a public librarian, and volunteers as a librarian for Portland’s Q Center, an archivist for Cascade AIDS Project, and as the facilitator for PDX Femmes Unite!.  She welcomes contact from friends, old and new: ismoon.maria [at]


Jessie Dress is a queer fat femme hailing from Austin, Texas. Mundane IT professional by day, she moonlights as a drag king and radical queerleader. A true glitter unicorn princess, she also co-founded and organizes for Femme Mafia ATX and keeps busy with meandering zine writings, her personal project (, and as the sole lady-member of Austin’s premiere mustache gang, The Upper Lips. She has a great sense of humor about herself, and wants to be a lesbian goat farmer when she grows up. Find her online at


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