Accessibility and Awareness Committee

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JAC Stringer, also known as Midwest GenderQueer, is a transgenderqueer femme radical activist, writer, and genderfuck performance artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. JAC has lectured and performed across the USA and Canada with his work focusing trans*, genderqueer, and queer focused education, social justice, gender identity disorder removal, femme identities, (dis)ability, and trans*/queer artistry. JAC is the founding director of The Midwest Trans* and Queer Wellness Initiative, is a leading activist in the gender identity disorder removal movement, and is a strong advocate for health care reform, sexual assault awareness, and comprehensive sex education. JAC has founded several projects including GenderBloc, The GenderQueer Coalition, and the Queer Canon Zine. He is an Advocates for Youth Alum, and is member of several organizing boards including TransOhio, The Greater Cincinnati Youth Summit, GLSEN, The International Drag King Community Extravaganza, and The Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference where he facilitated the conference’s Femme Programming track. As a performer, JAC has done genderfucking dance, music, drag, and spoken word as a solo performer, as co-manager of The Black Mondays Drag Troupe, he is a national gender performance showcase producer, and is the founder of the Gender Queeries Tour. JAC is a life-long dancer, poet, musician, and rabble-rouser who considers his work’s purpose to be promoting unity, action, and empowerment within trans* and queer communities, achieving rights and recognition through education, art, and various other forms of revolution.

Additional committee members include:
Karla Zabaleta-Hinojosa
Leah Walkowski
Melissa Koch


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Maggie Cee is an artist, activist, dancer, writer, and educator committed to community and social change. She is the founder and artistic director of The Femme Show, a ground-breaking touring variety show about queer femme identity and femininity.

Onstage, Maggie strives to offer provocative, inspiring performances and writings that speak to the heart of contemporary queer experience. As an organizer, she is passionate about connecting people and creating systems that fuel revolution and free expression. Maggie is the 2011 recipient of the History Project’s Lavender Rhino Award for an emerging LGBT history maker.


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