Because the FemmeCon website or servers might be used to perpetuate harm, as the person responsible for the servers hosting this site, I have changed all passwords and revoked all users access to the servers and blog. These resources are not available for non-community-building purposes. Those of you who know me, please get in touch if you need access. This is a personal decision.

It deeply saddens me, as a past FemmeCon organizer, to hear of dangerous and disrespectful behaviour enacted upon a fellow femme, fellow FemmeCon organizer, and femme friend.

As a technologist, I understand that the web has the power to connect us and transform our lives, often for the better. When it is used to harm or promote violence, it is truly counterproductive.

It’s a cop out to harm queer family, and it’s exactly what those who wish that we queer people would disappear want to see happen. Go fight the real enemies.

best, Damien


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