Sigh. Its done. This year’s 2012 Femme Conference is done. You did it all with us: conference attendees, media outlets, donors, the city of Baltimore, hardworking volunteers, working committee members, keynotes, presenters, ASL Interpreters, performers, vendors, steering committee members, those that created the seed for the first femme conference and have stood near us in some capacity ever sense, faithful allies, our families, partners, friends, and loved ones. This year’s conference (like the few we already have behind us) was full of femmes who have faced internal and external struggles and who continue to work through the lenses of their varied identities to claim and find comfort, difficult politic, and love in femme identity. We saw the beauty and empowerment in workshops, in performance spaces, and sometimes just through sharing a hug in the hotel lobby. In organizing the Femme Conference we had to delve deeper into what Femme means to us and how we exercise our femme rights and how we fight to love ourselves, create femme community no matter what, and how we express to all kinds of people what this movement and identity mean to us. We are gracious and thankful for the space we were able to create as a community but its not completely over. We are reminded everyday there’s still so much work to do, conversations to be had,healing, ways to step up for ourselves and our communities. Contributions to make in the larger conversations about what this all means and how we move forward. So we’re looking for you if you’d like to be a part of the Femme 2014 steering or working committees or if you have questions or inquiries please contact us We look forward to hearing from you and thank you again from the bottom of our big juicy femme hearts for taking this amazing journey with us!


En Mad Femme Love xoxo
Your Femme2012 Steering Committee


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