This year, for the very first time, we’ll be hosting an official, femmetastic clothing swap and it’s going to be amazing! What’s making this clothing swap so great you ask? Well, it just happens to be a body-positive, femmes-of-all-genders, cooperatively fancy affair that’s all! We want clothes that are big and small and stretchy, clothes that are flannel and bedazzled and leopard-print lace studded with spikes–anything that makes you feel some varietal of femme!

The magic of clothing swaps only happens through participation though! Teeny tiny clothing swaps are a bummer, so let’s make this one great by all bringing a little something to pass on to another member of our extended femme family. For those traveling to FemmeCon from far away, remember that if you bring a piece of clothing in your suitcase for the swap, then you’ll have room to take another piece home! Please only donate clothes and accessories that are in “give to a friend” condition and clean (scent-free if possible).

The swap will be on Friday from 5-6:30pm. Please bring your swappable finery with you to Registration when you pick up your badge on Friday! We’ll have them all sorted and ready to go when the swap starts! We’ll stop accepting items at Registration at 4 p.m. More information about the location of the swap station will be available once you arrive at the conference. See you there!


One Response to We’re having a clothing swap! Can you provide some fashion?

  1. Daisy B. says:

    Gahhh!!! I have work until 5pm on Fridays :(
    I have some really great pieces that I wish I could share with y’all. Sad I will be missing it.

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