Ellie here, Film Chair for this year’s conference!   I wanted to proudly announce the list of films playing this year at Femme 2012!   I am SUPER excited to be screening all of these films for you, and I really hope that you will come on Saturday, August 18th at 5pm EST to see them with me!

And without further adieu….

A Fitting by Colleen Young
“a fitting” documents the making of a dress as a reflection on how the director has come to recognize and express her femme identity. Weaving together images and poetic narrative, this short film explores Colleen’s embodied experience of femme in/visibility, dressing, and desire.

The Heart’s Regeneration  by  Celeste Chan
A meditation on queer hapa femme identity, love, and re-birth.

Ride and Kiss by Courtney Trouble
Courtney and Bianca are different kinds of riders, but when their bikes collide, an explosion of grease and glitter forces them to get wet and wild. A queer femme collaboration.

With Conviction by Dulce Garcia
With fierce seduction, fat femmes of color discuss their desires, sexuality and empowerment.

Truth Taks Time by Ellie Krnich
A coming of age motion storybook about the trials and tribulations of gender identity and self-love.

Dear Femmes of the World by Paulie McDermid
A few of the ABCs of being a queer femme man are talked through by some guys of different ages and perspectives all living rural lives in Canada

Gold Moon, Sharp Arrow by Malic Amalya & Max Garnet
Adapting Stanley Milgram’s 1963 experiment on obedience to authority, “Gold Moon, Sharp Arrow” explores how queer communities reenact, resist, and respond to assimilation, coercion, and trauma. Utilizing the language of conceptual art and avant-garde cinema, “Gold Moon, Sharp Arrow” straddles the political, emotional, and sexual tensions of ever-evolving queer communities.

Transsexual Dominatrix  by Shawna Virgo
San Francisco underground muse, Shawna Virago wails on her six-string and doles out lyrical pleasure-pain in this new leather anthem. This music video flashes a whole arsenal of toys.

Femmes Want Revolution by Haley K. Jude, Simone Jude & Allison Stelly
We were told that girls just wanna have fun. Songwriter/Director Allison Stelly thinks we can demand even more than that. Joined by Director Simone Jude and Producer/Director Haley K Jude for a collaborative, glitterfied, revolutionary romp.

Skate Bitches by Samuel Shanahoy
The Skate Bitches are a bad ass skateboarding girl gang. One day Josie, a femme who wears pastels and rides a long board comes to the club house. Some of the skate bitches are quick to judge her and don’t want her to join the gang which causes a rift in friendships. They later come to realize they were very wrong about judging Josie, but will she still want to skate with them?

So Slow by Lasha Mowchun
A meditation on the personal struggle for identity within closed circuit of gender


<3   Femme love and see you all very soon!


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  1. Hunter says:

    Please don’t show Skate Bitches. (reasons at link)


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