Revolutionary fist, in fuschia, gold, and black glitter

My revolution has glitter!
A sample of work in the art show.

Femmes and Friends! Programming Chair Allison (aka Cherry) here. I can’t believe that the conference is almost here!

We on the Programming Committee have spent the past 9 months working really hard to secure a lineup of kickass, challenging, thought-provoking workshops, panels, lectures, and skillshares. It’s like we could have had a baby in that time, and it also kind of feels like we are about to! I’m so excited about the schedule. We met a lot of the goals that I personally wanted to see happen, as far as expanding the repertoire of programming. There’s also still stuff missing and areas where we can continue improving. We’d love to hear from you during or after the conference about what you loved and what didn’t work for you.

Please also take note of OPEN SPACE! This is specifically for spontaneous workshops – that burning topic that isn’t covered elsewhere, or maybe to continue a discussion from another workshop, or something brand-new that just came up for you. We have one room open Friday at 3:30 and then another room all Sunday morning for you, conference attendees, to organize your own spontaneous workshop or caucus. There will be a community board at registration for just this purpose. Rooms are also open during the lunch break times.

We are also still on the lookout for a few caucus facilitators / moderators, for “Femmes Who ID as Other Than Female”; “PoC Femmes”; and “Femmes with Dis/abilities.” Let me know if you are interested! And we have room for a few more Sunday caucuses, as well.

On that note, we do still have some room available in the (new this year!) Skillshare Fair, if you have a crafty or hands-on skill you’d like to share. Get in touch! .

I’m also excited about this year’s art show, another aspect of Programming. This year, in addition to highlighting the visual art of femmes in our communities, we are adding an ongoing, interactive art-making station. We hope you will stop by and make some art to display – and that you can take home at the end of the weekend!

See you next week (eek, can’t believe I just typed that!).


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