greetings femme geniuses…
i am looking forward to being with all of you in just a couple weeks. i’ve been thinking about you every day for months as i create intentions and aspirations for how i want to be with you, what i want to impart. as the date gets closer i am getting more nervous, excited, feeling the amazing responsibility of being asked to speak to this community in a way that helps us ‘pull the pieces together’ and know ourselves collectively. wow, what an honor.

i would love if you would help me by bringing something of yourself to contribute to a collective altar/bird nest, which we’ll create together at the beginning of my keynote. it could be anything, a scrap of fabric, a bone, a note from your childhood best friend, a drawing, a leaf, a doll, a piece of wood, a jar of fingernails, a can of spam… this will help me feel connected to you, help me know more about who you are and feel held by you.

* your contribution should be an expression of who you are and where you come from
* it only needs to have meaning to you, and you don’t have to explain it
* the altar itself is not religious or spiritual in any specific way
* give some thought to how your contribution may impact others, positively or negatively.
* be mindful of cultural appropriation. share what is authentically yours to share.
* nothing burn-y or smelly. some people are sensitive to scents and/or smoke and we want everyone to be able to be present
* don’t contribute something super valuable or that you couldn’t stand to lose
* we will need to relocate the altar after the keynote, so keep it portable
* you can reclaim your offering at any point
* this is ours, we create it, collectively.

thank you for your time and attention… sending love! see you soon!


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