I’m Aries Hines Media Co-Chair and I remember Femme Conference 2010 not because I was there but because I wanted to be and couldn’t. It was in Oakland, one of the many cities that helped nurture my queer sense of self. I had just moved from Oakland to San Diego. And I remember visiting the Femme Conference website; wanting to perform, gain community, join the chorus line of femmes that would be there in solidarity. I wanted to sparkle with fierceness, glitter with awareness, and be present to my community. But I was unemployed and had just moved, I could only afford to watch from the website. I felt crushed.

I watched the performance deadline slide past me, watched as new videos were uploaded from speakers and attendees glowing about workshops and performances. Even though it only lasted a few days when it was all over I felt like I had missed out on something detrimental to my queer femme education. I told myself no matter what condition my life was in I’d be a part of the next Femme Conference.

This year I’ll be attending my first Femme Conference as a performer, Media Co-Chair, and as myself. I’m going to see the community that I can’t find at my doorstep. I’m going to be around people who I don’t always have to explain my identity as African American/vegetarian/writer/person with a learning disability/spiritual mermaid goddess queer femme woman. I’m going be a visible. This is a little bit of what the Femme Conference means to me. This year I want to hear what it means to you.  We’re encouraging all Femmes to visit the YouTube site and upload a video. Your video can be single or a group. It can be your story, a feeling, or inspiration. All the videos will be edited into a short film and screened at the Conference. Our Film Chair Ellie Krnich uploaded a great How-To video to get you started.


  • Must be femme
  • Must be attending the conference
  • Videos must be upload by 12 midnight August 10th, 2012

The “What the Femme Conference Means to Me” Video Contest begins today Weds July 18, 2012 so get started!

The winning video will receive a dinner for two at the Femme Conference. The winning video will be based on Facebook likes and most watched.

Be visible and fierce. Upload your video now! Go to our YouTube page http://www.youtube.com/femmeconference

And check out Ellie’s video about it!



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