I can only speak for The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins’ experience. But performing at FemmeCon is always like coming home.

In my day to day performance art career, I deal with a lot of wierdness. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. Folks that feel that my name is a dirty word, working shows where cultural appropriation/theft is the norm, being surrounded by folks who hate their bodies (and probably hate yours too), dealing with racism, homophobia/transphobia and so much other ick it does start to wear on you.

For me, performing at Femme Conference has been a homecoming sure, but even moreso it’s been a place of healing and getting replenished/charged up.

I wonder if other performing femmes have this experience, this feeling of performing in front of audiences that love and support you. That GET you and wanna celebrate you and see you succeed?

I also wonder if this is what folks experience as Femme Con Workshop presenters, as visual artists, even as attendees? That feeling of rightness of a sort of energy exchange that leaves you feeling full up

I think it has a lot to do with past curators/Performance committees. (former performance committee chairs include Ms. Cherry Galette and Krista Smith). First and foremost FemmeCon performance curators have a long legacy of anti-oppressive/ radical curating. I’ve never seen performance at FemmeCon that made me feel violated /hurt. Tanisha, Coco and I hope we are continuing that legacy. We intend to bring you an eclectic smorgasbord of thought provoking performance that entertains, transforms and lifts y’all up. The Performance committee has curated with an eye for getting fresh faces onstage, showing a broad range of femme experience and showcasing work across the various performance genres.

We are working hard for you femmes. We want our 2 nights of performance to be more than a show. We want it to be stick-to-your-soul sustaining. We want to charge you up and inspire you. There’s a lot of work we femmes have to do in this world. Femme  performers from around the world want to inspire you and stand with you. We’ll see y’all at the femme-ily reunion.


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3 Responses to Performing For Femmes

  1. Salima says:

    Hi! I’m thrilled to be a performer at the Femme Conference this year. But I need help! I am looking for someone who would be willing to be on-stage with me. Anyone out there who is a little wild and willing? Please let me know. I am trying to post this on the Forums but having trouble. Thanks. Salima ([email protected])

    • Lady Monster says:

      It depends on when we are each scheduled to perform. Perhaps we can assist one another.

  2. Rosie Garland says:

    Thank you for these words!

    It has been a great honour to perform at FemmeCon. As a (hard) working performer, I do a lot of shows, and a lot of the time I give out way more energy than I receive. Performing at FemmeCon is different. It provides a feast of deep-down nourishment that sustains me for along time after I get off stage.

    One of the many reasons why I travel so far!

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