Have you been itching to get your hands on the FemmeCon schedule of events? I think we all have, and it’s finally here! Tucked demurely under the 2012 Conference tab in the navigation bar is the whole calendar of blow-your-mind workshops, performances, lectures, keynotes, skillshares, heartshares, film screenings, art shows, meet & greets, caucuses, play parties and plenaries. All I can say is wow!

We have been awed at the diversity and deepness of the workshops submitted by our community. Just a few highlights you can expect from the conference programming:

  • Featured speaker Bryn Kelly, cofounder of Theater Transgression and host of Gay Old Opry
  • The Fine Art of Dirty Talk
  • Does This Outfit Make Me Look Like I can Kick Your Ass? A Self-Defense Workshop for All Self-Identified Femmes
  • Femme of Colour Survivors: Badass Resilience
  • And much, much more.

Check it all out here!

And a quick reminder for anyone who hasn’t taken the registration plunge yet: Regular registrations ends July 25th! Sign up now to avoid late registration fees and to secure your spot for this brilliant, glittery, filthy, heartfelt weekend!


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