jen and Krista, your Femme Conference 2012 Co-chairs here. We are overflowing with excitement for this year’s Femme Conference and can’t help but share. We’ve managed somehow to pare it down to 12 reasons why we’re excited about Femme2012.

Krista: Femme Community Building – I have spent the past seven years as a steering committee member of the Femme Conference.  I have never lived in a home for that long.  I have never held a job for that long.  In fact, I can’t think of a single other thing in my life that I have been involved in for so long. How has this conference been that “thing” that I have stayed committed to for that long?  Well, for me, it is pretty simple…it is because I am a believer in the power that the Femme Conference has to help build Femme Community.  I have seen the ways that the conference has brought Femmes from around the world together, across many differences, into a non-competitive space that is meant to at once celebrate who they are as femmes, and challenge them actively participate to build a more socially just world for all.  In short, on more than one occasion, I have left FemmeCon thinking that my life was saved.  So many of my dearest friends are people that I have met through organizing and participating in this conference and all the time I am privy to hearing similar stories. Whether this will be your first Femme Conference or your fourth, I hope that you too will experience the profound community building experience that participating in this conference can provide.

jen: Yes! The conference does somehow feel almost magical to me – both the weekend itself and the amazing things that spring forth for and from the conference. One of those things for me was the Femme Week of Action. It’s true; I can’t stop talking about it, but I am still, nearly four months later, in awe. For those of you who may have missed the week here is the basic rundown:  in January, we invited self-defined queer folks on femme/inine spectrums to get together during the week of Jan 15th -21st to share and generate ideas; spark conversations; build alliances; celebrate each other; have fun — and instigate the launch of the Calls for Proposals for FemmeCon. Our Media chair, Damien Luxe, spearheaded the effort in collaboration with the Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow and a dozen of the Beyond Visibility NYC event organizers. Eight cities across North America participated with events ranging from evening performances to multi-day events.

In Chicago, we hosted an event (a makeup and accessories swap) in conjunction with the week. Even our small event built community (at least I came away with new friends!), created awareness about the conference, and strengthened existing relationships (thanks again for co-hosting Phi Delta Femme sisters, Amy Nicole Miller and Coya Paz!).

I don’t know if we’ll see a week of action in 2013, but I hope it takes on a life of its own – not just to raise awareness and support for the conference, but for the passion it incites and the community it builds. If you missed it, find out all the details here and here - you’ll come away full of organizing energy and conference excitement just from reading about it.

Okay, so that was only two; stay tuned for the other ten things we are oh-so-excited about!


In Femme Love and Solidarity,

Krista and jen

Femme2012 Conference Co-chairs


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