Ferocious Femmes!

By now, you may have seen the call for submissions for workshops, panels, and presentations for the upcoming 2012 Femme Conference. We are getting some great submissions rolling in. Major love to those who have already sent in submissions!

We want many, many more so that we can have a JAM-PACKED conference schedule, overflowing from every direction with discussion, collaboration, analysis, exploration, bravery, love, tender moments, hard moments, amazing moments.

We want YOUR submissions. We want your thoughts. We want your beautiful face to be represented. We want that discussion you and your best femme friend keep having, blown up and out of the water and shared with the hundreds of other femmes who will be gathering in Baltimore this August.

If you don’t do so well with putting your thoughts into writing but you have a bangin’ idea for a workshop proposal, email us at . You and I can make a date to go over your ideas on the phone, for example. I know the form is long, and I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated.

How about ideas? If you’re like me, you have SO MANY ideas, and sometimes you need some nudges to get started. Here are a few ideas we came up with on the Programming committee:

*How policing and the prison industrial complex affect us as queer emmes
*Disability justice
*High-femme / Low-femme / All kinds of femme: What do these words mean and what are the implications in our communities?
*Honoring our femme ancestors: looking at our community ancestors and creating an art project together
*Mixed-race femme (in)visibility
*”Femme drama”: exploring femme/femme conflict and providing skills in navigating and healing from conflict within our communities
*Gender transitions in relationships
*Various issues around age: a workshop for femme youth (21 and younger); an intergenerational dialogue; a conversation on femmes and aging
*Digital storytelling workshop on femme experiences and femmephobia, racism, classism and sexism
*Community care and healing justice
*History of femme
*Femme on Femme sex / dating
*Conversations by and for trans femmes
*Capitalism + femme: working-class realness
*How does femme look in your town? Regional variations of Femme
*Femmes in the media
*Challenging consumption: how do we work it out?
*Fat and body politics
*That topic you and your friends can’t stop talking about

And of course, there are INFINITE possibilities for skillshares and hands-on demonstrations. Do you have a skill that could benefit and enrich your community? Please submit your idea! Here are some to get you thinking:
*Bike repair
*Tools & home repair
*How to be a fragrance free femme
*Tech 101 and media arts: podcasts, blogging, social networking, digital storytelling
*Community organizing
*Journaling for healing
*Clothing alteration
*How to give a massage
*Making your own cosmetics / beauty products
*Communication / facilitation skills
*Meditation / yoga
*Graphic novel making
*Nail art
*That cool thing you’re really good at

What ideas do YOU have?

Femme solidarity,

Cherry Poppins


2 Responses to More on the call for submissions (from Cherry Poppins, Programming Committee)

  1. amelia says:

    Femme bootblacks – skill share and possible workshop on what it takes to be a bootblack (and how being a femme bootblack does not mean you will be rejected by the gay leather community).

  2. Cherry Poppins says:

    Great idea!

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