Hi all — we added Femme Conference [and Butch Voices!] to Wikipedia, for starts here under Butch and Femme: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butch_and_femme#The_Femme_Conference

Do folks think it should have its own entry and — critical for the success of such a proposition — is another nerd interested to collaborate to create the article? Reply in the comments if so, or start the article and link to it in the comments here!


One Response to Femme Conference on Wikipedia

  1. Aries Hines says:

    I def think its worthwhile for the Femme Conference to have its own page.
    At the end of the day we make and share our herstory and creating information that is accessible and opens the space for other Femmes and Femme allies to carve out the language and experiences of Femme identity is necessary. This is how as a force we transform ourselves from a line on a page to discussions worth having; to opening up people’s knowledge about Femme identity, to claiming our bodies, genders, multicultural/racial roots, disabilities, and our own sense of self. Our lives are worth so many pages.

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