Hi everybody!   My name is Ellie, queer femme animator/filmmaker girl extraordinare.  Well, maybe not so extraordinare (it sounded cool mostly), but I am the Chair of the FemmeCon’s Femme Film Festival.  :)  And I want to personally invite all of you reading this to consider making a film for us to screen this year at FemmeCon 2012.

Almost two years ago, I made a little video with Ivan Coyote that spread like wildfire.  Yes, *that* video.   The one we all cried during and after, and shared, and reposted, and rewatched… and rewatched…. and rewatched.  And why?  Because it was a love letter.  A love letter from an ally about how femmes had affected her entire being.  It was honest, brave, real —- and full of sparkly awesomeness.

And now I am back.  This time, I am not making a video.  Instead, I am collecting them.

I want you to film a new love letter.  Except, this is a love letter to yourself.   Your sisters.  Your brothers.  And everyone in between.  I want you to film a love letter about what femme means to you — and why.

How you do this is up to you.  Maybe it’s a music video.  Or an animated film.  Or a documentary.   Or a short story.   Heck, maybe it’s just you and a webcam.  Either way, it doesn’t matter how you tell your story.  It only matters that you do.  And that you are honest.   It can even be brave and bold if you are feeling frisky (I’ll reward you with a yummy chocolate brownie if you do).

Maybe you are thinking — I can’t do that.  I have never used a camera in my life!   I haven’t ever edited any videos.   I don’t know where to begin.  Why should I bother?

And my answer to you is this:  You.  Are.  Important.

Last year at Frameline35, there was an amazing film that played entitled “With Conviction” by fierce femme Dulce Garcia.   This was Dulce’s first film *ever* — and let me tell you — it was AMAZING.  But don’t take my word for it — take a look at the excerpt below for further inspiration.

There was another important femme film that screened at Frameline35:  mine.    While that may sound a little pompous, the reality is —  films made *by* femmes *about* being femme are necessary.    Which is what the premise of my film was about.   And others seem to agree — it’s played in Serbia, Portland, Wisconsin, Santa Barbara, and soon South America since then.   Not bad for my first animated short….

So are you still with me?  :)  YAY!!!   Go pick up your camera or your cell phone.  Be bold.  Be brave.  Be fierce.  Be yourself.  Tell us your story, and make it awesome.  *Your* kind of awesome.   For more information, visit our Film Submission page!   You are also welcome to e-mail me at [email protected] for more information.   I am happy to help you!

Femme love,

Femme2012 Film Chair


4 Responses to A New Love Letter – From Ellie the Film Chair

  1. Cherry Poppins says:

    Ellie! I love both of these excerpts. This is SO inspirational. I’m really excited. And I’m making a music video!!! I’m really excited about that :)

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    [...] of ideas for what to do with this – flash mob, video, performance art piece? When I saw the call for submissions for the Femme2012 Film Festival, which includes encouragement to get out there and make our own films, I knew I had to make the [...]

  3. jen valles says:

    Ellie, these clips are fantastic. I cannot wait to see both of these films in full at the conference!

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